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What is Design Thinking 

When to use Design Thinking 

The Design Thinking Model

On Human Centric Design

Design Thinking for Product Owners at NASSCOM

Design Thinking in Action

How to be a Design Thinker

Innovation Beyond Jugaad (Hindi)

Design Thinking for Small and Medium Enterprises 

Being a T-Shaped Personality 

Crafting a career using Design Thinking 

How to come up with ideas using Design Thinking 

TEDx on Seven Habits of Highly Creative People

How to Design Your Thinking

Creativity for Entrepreneurs at IIM Bangalore

On Innovation Evangelism at Wipro 

TEDx on Creativity 

Managing Technological Innovations at Honeywell  

On Innovation Culture at 3M

Technological Innovations at Bosch 

TEDx on 'What is Creativity' 

Innovation in Management Education 

Entrepreneurship for the Digital Natives 

A Call for Entrepreneurship (Hindi)

An Idea Value Chain: Insights to Impact 

Where Ideas come From? (IIM Bangalore)

Creativity during lockdown (Hindi)

On Social Innovations 

On Growing the Family Business (Hindi)

Design Thinking for Daily Life

Anatomy and Psychology of Creativity (IIM Bangalore)

TEDx on Innovation and Institutions 

Why Entrepreneurship for MBA students

On Crafting a Career

A Primer on Creativity and Innovation 

On Management Research

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