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Case Studies


Metaphor is a way for individuals grounded in different contexts and with different experiences to understand something intuitively through the use of imagination and symbols without the need for analysis or generalisation. Through metaphors, people put together what they know in new ways and begin to express what they know but cannot yet say. Read more 


The story of IndiGo is paradoxical — to maintain differentiation at low cost, something that goes against the grain of most management theories. It makes for a very interesting study of how design thinking is practiced at scale and why discipline is the key to sustained innovation. Read more


Wipro has embraced open innovation in with its vendor partners. Dubbed as 'Wipro Partner Sprint Innovation Workshop', the day's session was modeled around Design Thinking with teams comprising of Wipro's key vendor partners and managers from the CPO team. Read more 


Imagine 800 of the brightest of the Microsoft employees from across India putting their heads, hearts and hands together to solve some of the most urgent and important problems around growth, market leadership and organizational vitality, in a setting which is unprecedented. Read more

Maruti Suzuki

With over 50 percent market share in passenger cars, the three-decade-old Maruti-Suzuki pretty much rules the road in a rather fragmented Indian automobile market. How about having every second product in the market of your brand? Read more

Tata Power DDL

We had a little over 8 hours to achieve workable solutions for these three problems. So first thing first — we cut down on distractions. No laptops. No cell phones. The famous Delhi hospitality was cut down to two short tea breaks and one rushed lunch. Read more


The insights we can draw from the Paytm case are: the importance of being experimentative; focusing on two sides of the market, both customers and sellers; an intense focus on simplification and enhancing the user experience; and being sensitive about incoming opportunities. Read more


This case is about how design thinking got roots at Infosys and some of the initiatives at the company that can be valuable to any organization that aims at scale a design-driven problem-solving culture. It examines the various interventions at the company during the period of Vishal Sikka and his successor Salil Parekh. Read more

Narendra Modi

There is so much said and written about our PM Modi that I can hardly add to the discourse. Albeit, as a student of management, and a reciprocative citizen, I feel compelled to reason and draw inferences from how the man thinks. Read more

Royal Enfield

How one of India's leading bike makers and commercial vehicles company challenge some of the conventional business logics and attempt creating history. Here is how design thinking is a very effective tool for problem solving. Read more


Here's a congregation of Chiefs of Marketing and Sales from some of India's leading organizations putting their heads together to visualize the customer of the future. They adopt some of the time tested models of Design Thinking and here's what they arrive at. Read more

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